Do you know how to design a shoe?

A good design and a correct pattern are essential, not only to make your feet look beautiful, but also to guarantee comfort. Designing sandals or any other type of shoes is a delicate process due to the necessary knowledge that these professionals must have, both in anatomy of the foot and in fashion trends.

Each shoe model has its own particularities and technical manufacturing characteristics, which it is essential for designers to know so that they adapt perfectly to your feet.

More than 200 new models are designed for each Apolos collection, although not all of them are chosen to be part of it. The selection is a complex task that depends mainly on the trends of each season. Once the collection has been finalised, the manufacturing process begins, in which the manual work of the master craftsmen coexists with the mechanisation of the most essential actions.

The design process goes through different phases:

  • The selection of the last is the first step to start designing the shoe.
  • Taping of the selected last, the adhesive paper is carefully glued all over the outside of the last, flattened and a cutter is used to remove the excess.
  • Location of the anatomical points and measurements: The modeller marks on the last the most relevant areas such as the instep, the heel and the most protruding points at the metatarsal level.
  • Making the drawing and design adjustments: You can start from scratch, making a freehand drawing of the shoe, this is the basis with which we are going to give free rein to creativity. Many designers also use computer programmes to work in more detail in order to make the correct proportions and then move on to the fitting and pattern department.
  • Pattern cutting: The work of pattern cutting consists of copying onto cardboard the different pieces that make up the model's pattern. It is a very meticulous process, which requires a great deal of skill and technical knowledge.

Once the patterns are finished, a real prototype of the shoe is made in leather and the fit is tested on the feet of a model in order to make any necessary corrections. So, when you choose Apolos, you will be able to enjoy comfortable shoes with design.

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